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CCE Summer Camp in the US for Chinese Students

East and West Coast Programs


Program purposes

  • Promote exchange and friendship between young students of China and the U.S.

  • Enhance students understanding of the world.

  • Broaden students’ vision and enrich students’ experience.

  • Encourage pursuit of excellence in life and career.

  • Cultivate good conduct and respectful behavior.

  • Train on communication and leadership skills.

Program features

  • Lectures including English language , American culture courses, SAT and TOEFL training

  • Workshops on professional and practical topics such as college application process, SAT preparation, information, career planning, code of conduct, social/business etiquette, leadership and communication skills.

  • For credit college courses offered by some CCE summer programs

  • Home stay or college campus stay

  • Student exchange activities and meeting with US peers.

  • Visit US higher education institution campus visits, including finest liberal arts colleges and world famous comprehensive research universities.

  • Educational venue visits such as art and science museums and libraries.

  • Introduction to professional fields such as science, business and political science including visits to city halls, Silicon Valley and science labs.

  • Carefully selected culture venues such as world famous landmarks and tourist interests.

  • Tour of selected US cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Santa Monica, Washington DC, Philadelphia, New York, depending on if programs include East Coast visits.

Program time frame

June, July and August during the summer

Program hosts

  • A US university or a US high school

  • Council on China Exchange (CCE) based in Los Angeles

  • A reliable travel agency based in Los Angeles

  • A participating Chinese high school or Chinese college

Why select camp programs organized by Council on China Exchange (CCE)?

  • Because of its high quality educational contents
    CCE’s summer camp programs contain carefully-designed and enriching academic and learning elements which can be customer built for its participating school partners.

  • Because of its experience and expertise in delivering international educational program
    Each of CCE professional members has more than 20 years in teaching, administering and developing/organizing international programs in the US higher education institutions.

  • Because of its extensive network and contacts for supporting the summer programs
    CCE is well connected in broad fields such as education, business, financial, local government agency, travel companies on both East and West Coasts.

  • Because of its reasonable price
    CCE’s programs are built at a very reasonable price aiming to allow more Chinese students to take advantage of its highly educational US camp programs.

  • Because of its professionalism in program organization and delivery
    CCE makes painstaking efforts in ensuring the most professional management of its programs, in effectively communicating with its clients and in thorough following with its program arrangements.

Program contact information
Ying Cao, US Summer Program Manager
Council on China Exchange, Los Angeles
2339 Weatherford Court, Claremont, CA 91711
Claremont, CA 91711
Tel - 909.967.3797 | Email -

photo of the Pudong skyline from the Bund in Shanghai, China, photo by Susan Kullmann

Our Mission

Council on China Exchange (CCE China) specializes in bilateral cultural and educational programs in China and the United States. We provide high quality cultural, educational and professional experiences to the interested public, students and teachers from the U.S. as well as from China.